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Single Phase Control
Available in a 22.5mm-wide housing, these relays monitor over- and undercurrent (K8AK-AS), over- and undervoltage (K8AK-VS) or over- and undervoltage (window type, K8AK-VW).
3 Phase Control
These 3-phase relays monitor over- and undervoltage (K8AK-PW), with variants providing the addition of monitoring phase-sequence and phase-loss (K8AK-PH1 and K8AK-PM) and voltage asymmetry (K8AK-PA).

Temperature Alaram
As full member of the K8AK Monitoring Relay family, the K8AK-TH is designed to protect your heating application. Furthermore it can be used as a simple in-panel ON/OFF controller.
Motor Thermal Protection
Line-up includes K8AK-TS and K8AK-PT Measuring and Monitoring Relays, Omron’s economical solution to 3-phase motor protection.

Heater Burnout
Our range of monitoring products also includes the K2CU heater-burnout detector, which is capable of accurate detection of heater-element burnout regardless of heater capacities.
Liquid Leakage Detection
These liquid leakage detectors (K7L) are specially developed to secure a quick reaction in case of liquid leakage. These very compact units fit into our standard sockets, have a width of only 20mm, are DC-supplied and have a transistor output.