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Safety Mats
A Universal Safety Mat system offers a simple method for guarding personnel around hazardous machines. A safety mat system offers freedom, flexibility, and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods such as interlocked fences, pullback restraints or perimeter barriers. Full visibility of and access to the work area is maintained.
Safety Mat Controllers
The MC Series safety mat controllers are used in conjunction with a four-wire, normally open, safety mat where perimeter guarding is required. These control reliable controllers send a stop signal to the guarded machine when an object of sufficient weight is detected on the active mat area. Inquire
Safety Edges and Bumpers
Safety edges are used on edges of guards and gates at possible crushing or shearing points. They are used on gates, machines, and handling equipment to protect people and equipment. The SGE Series safety edges use the innovative design of co-extruded safety contact as an integral part of the safety edge. A complete unit consists of an aluminum mounting channel, the safety contact, and the safety edge. The special shapes of the EPDM, TPE, or NBR rubber profiles protect the safety contact from damage and allows actuation angles to exceed 90 degrees. The last safety edge in a serial connection is terminated with a resistor, which is continuously monitored by the controller. This allows the entire circuit to be monitored for shorts and wire breaks.
Safety Bumpers
Safety bumpers operate in the same manner as the safety edge with the only construction difference being the addition of foam rubber covered in polyurethane to protect any object that comes in contact with the safety bumper.
Safety Edge Controllers (Dedicated)
The safety edge or safety bumper along with this 2-wire controller that senses a terminating resistor, make up a versatile and flexible emergency stop system for use in applications where a machine operator or set-up person must have easy, contiguous access to an E-Stop actuator.