Safety Monitoring/Force-Guided Relays

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Safety Monitoring Relays
Our safety monitoring relays range in function from two-hand palm button control to dual channel input units with time-delayed outputs and can monitor mechanical contact or solid state output safety devices to provide conformity to both local and international standards.
Flexible Safety Units/Dedicated Function
Based on microprocessor technology, the flexible safety unit G9SX helps you designing flexible, expandable and reliable safety systems for applications like packaging, semiconductor, moulding and food processing industries by using the unique "AND" connection capability.
Force-Guided Relays
Force-guided (or positively-guided) relays incorporate special design and constructional measures are used to ensure that make (normally-open) contacts can not assume the same state as break (normally-closed) contacts. These relays conform to the EN50205 standard and can be used in self-monitoring control systems, e.g. safety-related control systems.