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Single-Phase Din Rail

Omron’s range of book type Power Supplies are offered in a very compact size, with a sleeker exterior than previous models and are resistant in harsh environments. The wide operating temperature range guarantees stable operation, where other power supplies may be found lacking, in any environment. The double set of DC output terminals (three for the negative) means that you spend less time and effort on wiring and the improved DIN-rail mounting clip (mounted as standard), provides better vibration resistance and allows for easier installation.

Redundancy Power Supply Unit

When the S8VK-R is used with switching power supplies, it provides a backup system for critical applications that require absolute reliability and zero downtime.


S8VK-T robust design and construction can withstand harsh environments and provide stable operation over a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 70°C). The new design will take up less panel space than other 3-phase power supplies and delivers energy efficiency at the same time which means no cooling fans required. S8VK-T series power supplies are available in 120W (5A), 240W (10A), 480W (20A) and 960W (40A) all available with 24 VDC output and features a five year warranty.

Single-Phase Metal Frame Power Supplies

The Metal frame Power Supply series is offered with housings where only the width and depth vary depending on the output power required. Within this series, we offer three types of Metal frame Power Supplies: the S8JX-G, S8JX-P and the S8VM. The S8JX-G Power Supplies are basic units offering an economic alternative to the feature-rich S8V series. This product is available in DIN-rail or panel mounting versions, in open frame or in closed case. The S8JX-P range is improved with EMI Class B and Power Factor Correction (PFC). The S8VM power supply range includes power ratings from 15W up to 1500W, and is available with different output voltages across almost all the range. The S8VM provides another dimension to reliability. This more traditional format for power supplies includes new features such as the Early Warning System (EWS).

Multi Circuit Protector

The S8M units are a digital multi-circuit protector giving you full control over your 24VDC-system. These units control up to 4 circuits and offers many features such as run-time, peak-current information, sequential start-up/ shutdown control and monitoring information. This functionality can be accessed and set via the front display or via the free software support tool.