Temperature Controllers

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Basic Temperature Controllers
Where simple, discrete temperature regulation and monitoring are required, our K8AK-TH, E5C2, E5CSV or E5CB controllers offer the best solution. The units offer basic control functionality: temperature alarm, simple ON/OFF control or single-loop PID control.

Temperature and Process Controllers
For the majority of control applications, you will usually find the ideal solution in our E5_C controller series. Available with multi-functional inputs, these instruments offer reliable single-loop regulation. For more universal and process applications we offer you the E5_N-H(T) series. Advanced applications can be solved with our E5_R series controllers.
In-Panel Controllers
For in-panel temperature control Omron’s main product is the EJ1 series, a modular multi-loop solution built around the concept of Control & Connectivity. The EJ1 series can connect to a wide range of industrial networks and offers excellent control performance up to 250 loops in one system.