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The Differential Pressure Type MEMs Flow Sensor with an I2C output uses the proprietary Omron mass flow MEMs chip, however, the internal flow path has been redesigned to produce a low flow, high velocity/high impedance sensor that will output a differential pressure. The sensor can be calibrated for different gases.

When used in a bypass type design (or set-up similar to a differential pressure sensor), this product is not sensitive to variations in the bypass tube length. The D6F-PH is targeted for, but not limited to, the HVAC/VAV market as tubing in HVAC damper controls is often installed in the field which makes it a challenge to maintain consistent tube lengths.


  • High accuracy of +/- 3% R.D.
  • Linearized and temperature compensated
  • Digital output (I2C communication)
  • High flow impedance to reduce the influence of bypass configuration