The Omron family of MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) Flow Sensors includes intelligent compact models capable of measuring flow velocity and mass flow rate movement with highly repeatable accuracy. Mass Flow rates from 1 LPM to 50 LPM (Liters per Minute). High sensitivity is achieved with the MEMS Flow Chip. The D6F-P, D6F-V, and D6F-W Sensors incorporate a Dust Segregation System (DSS) allowing them to be used to monitor the performance of fans , detect clogged filters in computers and projectors, and VAV control in commercial HVAC systems.

  • Small size, due to MEMS technology
  • Flow Sensors, can be used with most medical, inert welding, and combustion gasses
  • Excellent repeatability and accuracy

TTI Features the following Omron Flow Sensors:

test3.jpgGas Mass Flow Sensors

  • High Accuracy Mass Flow Sensing with Omron's Propietary MEMS technology
  • Applications include: medical respiratory equipment, laboratory apparatus, combustion control, HVAC air volume control, fuel cells, gas testing equipment
  • Media: most non-corrosive gases, including Natural Gas, Oxygen, Air, Nitrogen, N2O, Heli-Ox, Helium, CO2, Argonne
    View Datasheet (D6F-01A/02A) / View Datasheet (D6F-01N/02L/05N)
    View Datasheet (D6F-03) / View Datasheet (D6F-10/20/50)
  • test4.jpgMass Flow Sensors with Dust Segregation System

  • PCB terminals and connector models
  • New manifold mount version eliminates tube fittings
  • 0.1 - 1.0 LPM in-line, over 200 LPM possible when using a bypass set-up
  • Bi-directional Dust Segregation System keeps particulate away from the sensor element
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  • test2.jpgGas Velocity/Clogged Filter Sensors

  • Excellant for clogged filter detection and fan performance monitoring
  • Take air velocity readings behind filters, in pipes or ductwork
  • Proprietary MEMS technology
  • Dust Segregation System keeps particulate away from sensor chip
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