Don't lose time or have customers assume that your product is not up to par because of a faulty switch. We have been providing quality switches for almost seventy years and continues to be one of the most trusted names in the industry. We have this trust because we provide quality products and back up what we sell. Omron's line of Heavy Duty Snap Action Switches are a perfect example!

  • AC voltage models range from 15Amps (Z-15 switch) to 20Amps (A-20 switch).
  • Our model "X" switch incorporates a permanent magnet, allowing it to switch larger DC loads.
  • Our double pole "DZ" switch allows additional design flexibility for your application
  • Molded lead-wire versions of the Z switch are available.

TTI Features the following Omron Heavy Duty Snap Action Switches:

a-20g_t-1.jpgA Series - General Purpose Basic Switch

  • Same general shape as Omron Z Basic Switch
  • High -capacity switch capable of handling 20 A loads
  • Capable of enduring 75 A inrush currents
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  • dz-10g-1b_t.jpgDZ Series - DPDT Special Purpose Switch

  • Incorporates two independent built-in Switches
  • Cost effectively control two circuits with one switch
  • Ideal for switching two circuits operating on two different voltages
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  • tz-1g_t.jpgTZ Series - High Temperature Basic Switch

  • Suitable for your most rugged environmental applications
  • Stable operation at an ambient temperature of 400°C
  • Incorporates a ceramic insulator, cobalt alloy spring, and special -alloy contacts
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  • x-10g_t.jpgX Series - General Purpose Basic Switch

  • Direct Current Switch with Built-in Magnetic Blowout
  • Incorporates a small permanent magnet in the contact mechanism to deflect the arc and effectively extinguish it.
  • Same shape and mounting procedures as the Z Basic Switch
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  • zt.jpgZ Series - General Purpose Basic Switch

  • Best Selling General Purpose Basic Switch
  • High precision switch in a variety of styles
  • Available in general purpose or drip-proof models
  • Available in micro load and 15 Amp models
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