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Discover Omron's newest EtherNet/IP connectors boasting robust RJ45 that is well suited for transportation applications. The M12 Waterproof connection with patended Smartclick technology makes it unrivaled in the industry and ensures a completely secure and reliability connection every time.  NEW panel mount (PCB type) and right angle models are also now available.  Find Your solution today.


  • Combines tough RJ45 Connectors for use outside of panels and Environment-resistance Connectors with IP67 protection (M12)
  • M12 Smartclick mates with any threaded M12 socket and provides 'twist and click' connection with XS5P-T panel socket
  • M12 Smartclick connectors are shielded to protect against EMI
  • Separate RJ45 assembly connectors are available for easy wiring on site
  • Uses AWG22 Cat5E cables that are suitable for wiring outside of panels


  • Automobile Manufacturing