Miniature Basic Switch

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OMRON announces the release of the new V-21-1C6(IN) Miniature Basic Switch. This expansion of Omron’s switch lineup features the addition of a miniature basic switch for DC load applications. This model comes with indium contacts that have excellent heat characteristics to allow for DC load ratings.

This switch can be used in various applications such as home appliances, vending machines, small devices or door interlock systems powered by DC batteries.


  • Indium Contacts- excellent heat characteristics to allow for DC load ratings
  • Reliability- reliable and durable switch that can be used for interrupting current when doors are open/closed
  • High DC Rating- 30VDC @ 12A, 125VDC @ 0.6A, 250VDC @ 0.3A


  • Devices driven by DC Battery
  • Door interlock systems
  • Small appliances
  • Vending machines