Relays perfect for motor control, power supplies, lighting, and compressor loads.

  • Switching up to 40 Amps
  • Multiple mounting options including PCB, flange, and socket types
  • G7Z offers Mirror Contacts good for Safety Output Control Applications
  • A variety of contact forms possible from 1 Form A to 4 Form A
  • Great for HVAC, motor, compressor, lighting, inverter, power supplies, and power tool applications
  • The MGN relays have SCCR Rating on them convenient for panel builders

TTI Features the following Omron General Purpose Power Relays:

G7L.jpgG7J Series - Multi-pole, high-dielectric strength, mini contactor relay
Switches 25A NO and 8A NC Resistive @220VAC/30VDC with 2FormA 2FormB, 3FormA 1Form B, and 4 Form A Contact Form.
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G7L.jpgG7L Series - Strong HP relay perfect for Spa, Motor, Lighting, and Compressor applications
Panel Mount type switches 30A 1FormA and 25A 2FormA Resistive @220VAC while PCB type switches 20A 1FormA and 2FormA Resistive @220VAC.
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G7Z.jpgG7Z Series - High capacity, high reliability, low noise, multipole relay with mirror contacts
Panel or Dinrail Mount relay switching up to 40A per pole at 440VAC resistive load with 2FormA 2FormB, 3FormA 1FormB and 4FormA Contact Form.
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MGN.jpgMGN Series - Heavy Duty relay switching 30A @240VAC/28VDC with SCCR Rating of 5kA @600VAC
Panel Mount relay handling 30A @240VAC switching 1FormA, 1FormB, 1FormC, 1FormX, 2FormA, 2FormC Contact Types.
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