SSRs (Solid State Relays) have no movable contacts. SSRs are not very different in operation from mechanical relays that have movable contacts. SSRs, however, employ semiconductor switching elements, such as thyristors, triacs, diodes, and transistors.
Furthermore, SSRs employ optical semiconductors called photocouplers to isolate input and output signals. Photocouplers change electric signals into optical signals and relay the signals through space, thus fully isolating the input and output sections while relaying the signals at high speed.
SSRs consist of electronic parts with no mechanical contacts. Therefore, SSRs have a variety of features that mechanical relays do not incorporate. The greatest feature of SSRs is that SSRs do not use switching contacts that will physically wear out.
SSRs are ideal for a wide range of applications due to the following performance characteristics.

They provide high-speed, high-frequency switching operations.
  • They have no contact failures.
  • They generate little noise.
  • They have no operation noise.

TTI Features the following Omron Solid State Relays:

g3nat.jpgG3NA Series - General Purpose "Hockey Puck" Relay

  • AC models 5A to 90A load ratings; DC models switch up to 10A
  • All models are panel mount; possible to track mount via heatsink or DIN adapter
  • Output voltages range from 24-240VAC, 200-480VAC, 400-600VAC, and 5-200 VDC
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  • g3net.jpgG3NE Series - Low profile "Hockey Puck" Relay

  • Models come in 5A, 10A, and 20A loads
  • Panel mount and track mount possible (via Omron Heatsink)
  • Output voltage ranges from 100-240VAC
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  • g3mct.jpgG3MC Series - Thin profile reinforced insulation PCB relay

  • Choice of 1A or 2A max load models
  • PCB mount
  • Choice of 100-120VAC or 100-240VAC output voltage types
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  • g3r-it.jpgG3R Series - Slim socket mount I/O relay

  • Input types switch 0.1mA to 100mA loads; Output AC Load types switch 50mA to 2.0A; Output DC Load types switch 10mA to 1.5A or 2.0A depending on output voltage model
  • Ideally suited for socket mounting but could be panel mounted also
  • Input types have 4-32VDC Output range; Output types have 100-240VAC, 5-48VDC, and 48-200VDC Output range
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  • G3TC-1.jpgG3TC Series - Compact PCB I/O Module with screw fastener

  • Input models range in load for 12mA to 18mA max; AC Output models 3A max load; DC Output models 1A max load for Output voltage of 5-200VDC; 3A max for Output Voltage of 5-60VDC
  • PCB mount<
  • Input models have load voltages of 4.5-6VDC, 12-18VDC, and 20-30VDC; AC Output models have load voltages of 75-140VAC or 75-280VAC; DC Output models have load voltages of 5-60VDC or 5-200VDC
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  • g3tbt.jpgG3TB Series - I/O SSR used as interface between logic circuitry and load

  • Input types switch 25mA max; Output types switch 1.5A max for DC load voltage models with 48-200VDC range; all other Output types switch 3.0A max
  • PCB mount
  • Input types have an output voltage of 4-32VDC; AC Output types have load voltage of 100-240VAC; DC Output models have load voltage of 5-48VDC or 48-200VDC
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  • g3s_t.jpgG3S Series - Small PCB relay that has same footprint as G6B

  • AC load types handle maximum of 1.0A or 1.2A; DC load types handle maximum of 1.0A or 1.1A
  • PCB mount
  • AC load models have Output voltage of 100-240VAC; DC load models have Output voltage of 4-24VDC
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  • g3dz_t.jpgG3DZ Series - Slim PCB relay switching both AC and DC loads

  • Same relay can switch either AC or DC loads up to 0.6A
  • PCB mount
  • AC Output voltage 5-240VAC; DC Output voltage 5-100VDC
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  • G3PE-1.jpgG3PE Series - Industrial strength SSR with attached heat sink

  • Comes in 15A, 25A, 35A, and 45A Resistive Load Models
  • Track Mount and Panel Mounting
  • Output voltage types 100-240VAC and 200-480VAC
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