Models range from electromechanical designs to surface mount Hall Effect technology. Surface mount version is perfect for adjusting screen orientation on consumer electronics such as digital camera, digital photo frames, PDA's, cell phones & MP3 devices.

  • The D6BN Hall Effect tilt sensing device has a profile of less than 2mm
  • The D7E is available in both vibration and tilt sensing versions

TTI Features the following Omron Tilt & Vibration Sensors:

d6bn.jpgD6BN Series - Micro Tilt Sensor

  • Low Profile Micro-Tilt Sensor
  • Devices uses Hall Effect technology, which is bounce-free
  • Ideal for PDAs, cell phones and test equipment, digital and video cameras to change aspect ratio automatically; also replaces mercury switches in portable space heaters and game machines such as pinball games
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  • d7e.jpgD7E Series - Vibration & Tilt Sensor

  • Compact, mechanical tilt sensor
  • Responds to gradual tilting of 1 degree/sec
  • Self-resetting
  • Output capacity from 0.1mA at 5VDC to 100mA at 30VDC
  • Quick-Connect terminals
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