Omron Electronic Components has a diverse selection of standard options. We can deliver a snap action switch that will drop right into your application. Saving you time, component counts and cost, while improving your products overall quality.

  • Wide selection of products that switch various loads
  • Choose from a variety of termination styles
  • High Temperature "Class N" (200C) version available (D3V-T)
  • Multiple actuation choices exist

TTI Features the following Omron Unsealed Snap Action Switches:

d2ft.jpgD2F Series - Ultra Subminiature Snap Action Basic Switch

  • Super Compact, ideal for PCB mounting
  • Self-clinching PCB, right-angled, left-angled, and solder terminals available
  • Dual spring reverse action mechanism ensures long service life
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    d2tt.jpgD2T Series - Compact Door Interlock Switch

  • Compact DPST-NO Door Switch
  • Circuits for power and low-level loads
  • Approved by UL, VDE, and SEMKO
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  • d2xt.jpgD2X Series - Crimp Connector Switch

  • Reduced wiring time with AMP crimp-type connectors
  • Snap-fit attachment for easy installation
  • Actuator operates from either side, allowing mounting in either direction
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  • d3ct.jpgD3C Series - Ultra Subminiature Switch with Sliding Contacts

  • Built-in slide mechanism selects shorting or non-shorting switch timing
  • 3 mm (0.12 in) long stroke
  • PCB mount switch with 100 milliamp capacity
  • Ideal for household appliances, office equipment, communications equipment, etc
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  • d3d.jpgD3D Series - Miniature Door Switch

  • Appliance industry standard plunger and lever actuator styles
  • High contact reliability ensured using gold alloy crossbar contacts
  • Drip/spill sealing in free position (plunger models)
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  • d3mt.jpgD3M Series - Subminiature Basic Switch

  • Easy wiring ensured through the quick-connect terminals
  • External actuator mounts in either of two directions
  • Horizontal layout of terminals saves mounting space
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  • d3sht.jpgD3SH Series - The Smallest Detection Switch in the World. (Omron's data as of June 2006)

  • Ultra small size and ultra low profile SMT package
  • Utilizes a unique mechanism that enables high contact reliability and high precision operation
  • Horizontal 2-way detection and long stroke enhances design flexibility
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  • d3vt.jpgD3V Series - Miniature Snap Action Switch

  • Standard switch operating temperature of 125°C ( 200° C version available)
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • 0.1A, 6A., 11A., 16A., or 21A. models
  • 0.1A features gold cross-bar contacts
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  • sst.jpgSS Series - Subminiature Snap Action Switch

  • Two split spring design offers long life (30 million operations)
  • Wide variety of operating forces, including super low force
  • Solder, quick-connect (#110) and PCB terminals available
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  • sst.jpgSSG Series - Subminiature Snap Action Switch

  • Conforms to EN61058-1(EC60158-1), UL1054, CSA C22.2 No.54
  • Wide operating temperature range of -25 degrees C to 125 degrees C
  • Even Pitched PCB terminals conform to IEC1020-6-2
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  • vt.jpgV Series - Miniature Snap Action Switch

  • Industry standard design with 10/15 Amp ratings
  • Long mechanical life of 50,000,000 operations minimum
  • Available in either thermoplastic or thermosetting resin
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  • vxt.jpgVX Series - Miniature Snap Action Switch

  • Compact snap action switch with low force operation
  • Internal hinge lever mechanism assures outstanding contact reliability
  • Models available for micro load up through 5 Amps
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