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Ultra low profile connector that provides a firm, tactile “click” and a high removal force. With only a 0.4mm pitch and a carefully engineered mating design, this new family is ideal for Board to FPC applications.


  • 0.4mm pitch, Mating (stacking) height of 0.9mm, Width of 4.4mm (Width of mounting area = 5.0mm)
  • Effective mating (stacking) length: 0.14mm (Straight area), Contact retention force: 0.3N min.
  • Double contacts structure with high contact reliability.
  • Easy mating operation: Large corner guides
  • Twist-resistant design allows removal in all directions.
  • Nickel barrier: High resistance to solder creepage.
  • Mechanism to prevent deformation of contacts
  • RoHS compliant