Omron's socketable relays offer flexability for your application and design. Whether you're working on panel construction, machine building or production line automation, Omron has a solution for you.

  • Multiple pole configuration, from 1formA to 4formC
  • Sockets that meet IEC Touch Safe Requirements, available
  • Dependable long life (LY2 Relays offer 500,000 Operations typical at rated load)
  • MY Relays capable of switching loads of 1mA @5VDC
  • Many models have UL, CSA, and VDE approval
  • LED, Push-To-Test, and Surge Suppression options available

TTI Features the following Omron General Purpose Plug-In Relays:

g2rv.jpgG2RV Series - Very Slim Plug-In Relay for Output Control
Handles rated load of 6A @ 250VAC/24VDC.
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g2r-s.jpgG2R-S(S) Series - Slim Plug-In Relay
Resistive Load Rating 10A @250VAC/30VDC SPDT; 5A @250VAC/30VDC.
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my-series.jpgMY Series - Versatile, Multi-featured, Miniature Power Relay
Rated Load of 10A @250VAC/30VDC for DPDT; 5A @250VAC/30VDC for 4PDT (general purpose) per UL tested to 6,000 cycles
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myh.jpgMYH Series - Hermetically Sealed Class I Division 2 Plug-In Relay
Rated Load of 3A @110VAC/24VDC (4PDT Form Type only).
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ly-series.jpgLY Series - Multipole Plug-In Relay
Load Rating of 15A @110VAC/24VDC SPDT; 10A @110VAC/24VDC for DPDT, 3PDT, and 4PDT.
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mnj.jpgMJN Series - Multipole Square Base Plug-In Relay
Rated Load 10A @240VAC/28VDC for Plug-In SPDT, DPDT, and 3PDT; Flange Mount DPDT is 20A @240VAC/28VDC; Flange Mount SPDT is 30A @240VAC/28VDC
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mks.jpgMKS Series - Octal Base GP Relay now available with Lockable Test Button
UL Resistive Load Rating: 10A @ 250VAC 100K Life Ops. (DPDT AND 3PDT) (View more.)

mks-s.jpgMKS-X Series - High voltage high amerage square base DC and AC load relays
Resistive Load Ratings: MKS1XT Models 10A @ 220VDC, MKS2XT Models 5A NO Contact, 2A NC Contact @ 220VDC, MKS1T Models 15A @ 250VAC, MKS2T Models 15A NO Contact, 5A NC Contact @ 250VAC
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