G5RL U/K PCB Latching Relays Feature Capacity to Handle High Inrush Currents

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OMRON announces the release of two energy-saving PCB latching relays featuring 16A carry current and the capacity to handle high/inrush currents. Latching relays don't require the coil to be constantly energized, using less power. Both the G5RL-U and the G5RL-K can switch up to 16A and are capable of dealing with inrush currents of up to 100A (SPST-NO). The G5RL-K1A-E has been approved by VDE standard for up to 150A inrush @10K operations. The SPST versions also carry UL TV-8, a standard that exposes components to 117A inrush currents. The G5RL-U features a single coil while the G5RL-K has a double coil architecture. 


  • Creepage distance 8mm between coil and contact
  • 10kV Impulse withstand voltage
  • Ambient Operating Temperature 85° C
  • Suitable for TV-8 rating (SPST-NO (1a))