High Frequency SMT Relay (G6K-2P-RF)

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Omron is pleased to introduced the G6K-2P-RF Series High-Frequency Relays. The G6K-2P-RF Series is the world's smallest DPDT Relay and High-Frequency relay at 1GHz band with power consumption of an industry top class. This relay achieves good high frequency spec. with good ground position. This relay features flow soldering use and tube package. Its power consumption is only 100 mW, which contributes to equipment energy savings.  


  • Superior high-frequency characteristics (at 1 GHz), such as an isolation of 20 dB min. between contacts of the same polarity or 30 dB min. between contacts of different polarity with an insertion loss of 0.2 dB max
  • Miniaturized to 10.3 × 6.9 × 5.4 mm (L × W × H)
  • Rated power consumption of 100 mW with high sensitivity
  • Single-side stable and single-winding latching models available


  • Semiconductor Tester (Interface board, Probe card)
  • Various Measuring Instruments
  • Switcher (Ethernet, HD Video)