HVC: Human ‘Sensing’ and ‘Understanding’ by OMRON Image Sensing Technology

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OMRON is pleased to announce the release of the Human Vision Components (HVC) module. The HVC integrates Omron's best in class image sensing technology (OKAO Vision) along with a camera, processor, and external interface onto a single PCB, sized at 60x40 mm. The end result is an image sensor unlike anything else on the market. Each HVC offers 10 functions:

  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Gender Estimation
  • Age Estimation
  • Expression Estimation
  • Facial Pose estimation
  • Gazed Estimation
  • Blink Estimation
  • Hand Detection
  • Human Body Detection


  • Detecting and recognizing faces, people, and pets
  • Motion tracking of faces, bodies, and other objects
  • Enhancing facial image through photo retouching and video editing


  • Home appliances
  • Marketing research (POS registers and automatic venders)
  • Industrial equipment (food processing equipment)
  • Robotics (robotic pets)