PCB Terminal Blocks (XW4)

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Omron announces the release of its new XW4 2.54mm pitch Terminal Block Connector, available in 2-12 contacts. Both vertical and horizontal models are available. 


  • Push-in terminals to easily complete connections
  • Push-in connection method allows repeated repairs
  • Hold down structure for strength on PCBs
  • Active lock mechanism for superior vibration and show resistance
  • PCB terminal blocks with 2.54mm pitch
  • Both vertical and horizontal models available
  • Suction cover included to enable automatic mounting
  • Can be mounted to the back surfaces of PCBs
  • Reel packaging
  • UL approved and RoHS compliant


  • Factory automation machine
  • Industrial machine
  • Industrial robots
  • Power distribution system equipment
  • Solid state relay
  • PLC, power supply unit, I/O unit
  • Servomotor/servo drive
  • Machine tool
  • Semiconductor equipment