ESE-58 Detector Switch

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Panasonic, a worldwide leader in electromechanical components, introduces the NEW ESE-58 Series Detector Switch. The ESE-58 Series has a 3.5mm x 3.0mm form factor, with a body height of 0.9mm, giving it the industry’s lowest profile and smallest volumetric size. ESE-58 has both left-to-right and right-to-left lever options, allowing actuation from both directions. It also comes with both normal-open and normal-close circuit options, reducing power consumption. The switch can be actuated both vertically and horizontally. Two optional positioning bosses underneath the switch provide mounting assistance and durability. Panasonic also offers many other Detector Switch solutions to suit your human interface needs.


  • Industry's smallest and thinnest
  • Normal-close or normal-open
  • Positioning boss
  • Multiple actuation methods


  • Detection of mechanical movements
  • Battery insertion
  • Door Closure