EVP-AD 10mm Center Space Light Touch Switch

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Panasonic, a worldwide leader in electromechanical components, introduces the NEW EVP-AD Series Center Space Light Touch Switch, the industry’s first switch with center space. With a hollow center of 4.2mm diameter, designers can insert a Chip LED for integrated lighting functions. Compared with other existing solutions, EVP-AD offers the highest degree of flexibility in LED choice, so that designers can complete the design with the right color and intensity. EVP-AD comes in a 10.15 x 9.8mm form factor, with a 4.6mm height. The long travel of 1.0mm along with 4N force offer safe operation and an industrial feel. The Series qualifies for automotive applications with an operating temperature range of -40d to +85dC. Panasonic also offers many other Light Touch Switch solutions to suit your human interface needs.


  • Center space of 4.2mm diameter
  • Small foot print of 10.15 x 9.8mm
  • High force and long travel
  • Automotive standard
  • LED integration
  • Industrial feel
  • Robust endurance


  • Mode adjustment and selection
  • Volume control button
  • On/Off button