Specialty Encoder Series


Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Electromechanical Products, is pleased to introduce new and expanded Specialty Encoder Series to our already outstanding Electromechanical product line. Target markets include AV Equipment, Measurement Equipment, Marine Equipment, Automotive and Home Appliance. RoHS compliant.


Encoder Series

pansonic_evqv6.jpg 20/12 Center Space Encoder (EVQ-V6)

More Flexibility for Function Integration
Where absolute position control and clutter reduction are key.


  • Large Center Space - 11.6mm diameter
  • Multiple Torque Options (6mNm, 7mNm)
  • Automotive Operating Temperature
  • Comfortable Rotation
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    pansonic_evqv9.jpg 18mm Square Waterproof Encoder (EVQ-V9)

    Waterproof Up To 15cm Submerged
    Unique sealed structure allows usage in moisture environments.


  • Standard Part Number Available with 50 mNm Torque, 16 Detents and 30k Life Cycles
  • Comfortable Rotation
  • Also Available for Customization

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  • pansonic_evqv5.jpg 27/18 Center Space Encoder (EVQ-V5)

    More Flexibility for Function Integration
    Hollow center allows room for LED’s, switches and other components.


  • Large Center Space - 17.6mm diameter

  • Now with Multiple Detent Options (18,30)

  • Automotive Operating Temperature

  • Great Operability and High Reliability

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  • pansonic_eveGK.jpg 12mm Square GS Encoder (EVE-G/K)

    Now Available with Diecast Bushing
    Wide range of variations to choose from.


  • Various Bushing Options (Diecast, Sleeve, Barling)
  • Multiple Detent Options (0, 12, 24)
  • Rotational Torque Options from 30 to 50 mNm

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