Power Choke Coil (ETQ-P3L)

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Panasonic Electronic Components' Power Choke Coils offer high heat resistance, excellent DC bias characteristic, Hi-BS With Ferrous alloy magnetic material and great reliability at high temperatures with a high tolerance for vibration. These Power Choke Coils also have very low audible noise and are extremely efficient with low DCR and eddy current loss reduction.

The ETQ-P3L features a rustproof structure for high humidity environments. The ETQ-P3L is also good for use at high switching frequencies, has low audible noise and is EU RoHS compliant.


  • Downsize circuit space due to small and low profile package size
  • Excellent DC bias performance and high reliability under high humidity
  • Reduce number of components by high power and low loss
  • Realize excellent performance by capability to high frequency range
  • Low buzz noise


  • Servers, Routers, DC-DC converters for driving CPUs
  • Laptop and desktop PC power supply
  • Power supply modules