Light Touch Switches (EVP-AX, AW, AV, AS Series)


Panasonic introduces the EVP-AX, EVP-AW, EVP-AV, and EVP-AS Series. These new light touch switches feature excellent tactile feel, and superior mechanical reliability.


EVP-AW-1.jpg EVP-AW Series
The EVP-AW Series features a laser welded film construction, achieving an IP68 water and dust protection while protecting the actuator from peeling off. This unique construction adds mechanical advantages in its durability and tactile feel over competitive membrane based products.

  • Small size, low profile
  • Film construction
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    EVP-AX-1.jpg EVP-AX Series
    The EVP-AX Series also features a laser welded film construction, for superior environmental resistance, durability, and tactile feel. The laser welded film prevents the actuator from peeling off. This switch features double action operation for two actuation points.

  • Small size design
  • Double action switch
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    EVP-AV-1.jpg EVP-AV Series
    With a height of just 0.975mm and zero standoff distance from the PCB, the EVP-AV Series provides a space saving design to save PCB space. A metal dome is located underneath the actuator providing excellent tactile feel.

  • Small size design, low profile
  • Excellent tactile feel
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    EVP-AS-1.jpg EVP-AS Series
    The long travel of the EVP-AS Series prevents accidental activation. Steady and low contact resistance (100 mΩ max.) Excellent solderability and improved flux intrusion ability.

  • Long pre-travel
  • J bent terminals
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