Step-Down Regulators

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Panasonic is pleased to announce four NEW AN3301X Series Step-Down Regulators to their already existing product line. These NEW AN3301X Series parts feature a highly reliable DC/DC Step-Down Regulator that employs a voltage control system. They can be operated at a high voltage range (from 5V to 39V) and can also be used for power supply LSI of car-AV systems.

These NEW AN3301X Series parts have an external clock synchronous function up to 2MHz as well as PLL technology allowing control switching frequency without output voltage malfunction. By integrating a high side SW solution and flag function the AN3301X Series can provide a suitable power supply system for an external USB. AN3301X Series Step-Down Regulators also include 2ch-external FET type, 1ch- internal FET type and 1ch-internal FET type with load current feedback function that compensates the output voltage drop.



  • Operating Voltage Range: 5V to 39V
  • Output Voltage : 1.2V to 9.0V
  • Adjustable OSC: 200kHZ to 2.0MHz (Synchronous to External Clock & PLL Technology)
  • Overload Protection with Adjustable Limit
  • Overload Flag Function
  • Built in UVLO,OVP,SCP,TSD function
  • Selectable Latch-OFF Mode
  • Adjustable Soft Start Timing
  • Current Feedback Function Compensates The Output Voltage Drop Due to Cable Loss
  • High Absolute Maximum Ratings and Several Protection Functions
  • Controllable Switching Frequency – External Clock Synchronous Function Up to 2MHz and PLL Technology
  • Suitable for External USB Power Supplies
  • Adjustable Over Current Protection with Flag Function
  • Built in Current Feedback Function to Monitor and Ensure USB Output Voltage Within USB Standard


  • All Applications Requiring Stepper Motor Driver Programming