SMD Light Touch Switches

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Panasonic has introduced a new line of tactile switches, the EVQ-Q2 6mm SMT series. This new series is designed with flexibility in mind, offering a low-profile form factor of 6mm x 6.5mm x 1.8mm and a wide range of operating force and knob height options. Customers may select versions with a ground terminal to reduce ESD noise. It also features a wide knob for accurate actuation. The contact rating (resistive load) is 20mA at 15VDC and operating life is up to 1 Million cycles, giving you peace of mind on its endurance. The EVQ-Q2 series, as with other Panasonic switch offerings, is RoHS compliant. It can withstand a maximum lead-free soldering temperature of 260°C.


  • Thin body height: 1.8mm
  • Selection of op. force: 0.5N (50g), 1.0N (100g), 1.3N (130g), 1.6N (160s), 3.5N (350g)
  • Selection of knob height: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.1mm
  • Accurate actuation: Wide knob reduces tolerance requirement of your actuator design and improves actuation quality
  • Surface mounted type: Supports lead-free reflow soldering
  • High reliability: Up to 2 million life cycles with unique center hole dome and notched contact design
  • ESD protection: Ground terminal optional


  • Appliances
  • Set-top Box
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical