PhotoMOS™ Relays - AQY221N3M


The technical features of PhotoMOS™ relays, especially those with low CxR values, make them ideally suited for measurement and test applications. They switch AC and DC signals free of distortion and with virtually no power loss.
As with all other PhotoMOS relays, they offer high reliability and unlimited lifetime, which is achieved by optimized ON-resistance and output capacities. For the AQY221N3M, this yields a CxR values of only 5pΩF.

Besides reduced signal distortion, the relay's miniature size enables mounting densities on PCBs that have been unthinkable up till now. Although the SSOP package was introduced just a few years ago, the AQY221N3M and its small outline no lead (SON) package now reduces its predecessors' volume by an additional 43%, making it the smallest relay and consequently PhotoMOS in the world.

As 500,000,000 pieces sold worldwide prove, PhotoMOS relays are here to stay. Their small size, unlimited lifetime and high reliability as well as fast switching times and optimal electrical characteristics make them the ideal product for any application.


  • SON package volume ration ~43%
  • Micro-miniature leadless construction
  • Low output capacitance and on resistance
  • High speed operation: 0.02ms (turn-on and turn-off time)


  • Measuring & Test Equipment
  • Test Equipment: IC Tester, Semiconductor Performance Tester, Probe Cards
  • Board Tester: Bare Board Tester, In-circuit Tester, Function Tester