Coaxial Switch Relays



Series & Datasheet Special Features Contact Arrangement Maximum Switching Voltage Frequency Range Contact Input Power Latching Type Nominal Operating Power Part Search
ARD Series 26.5GHz, 18GHz, and 13GHz versions. SPDT, Transfer, and SP6T operation. Failsafe, latching, and latching with TTL drivers operation function. SPDT, Transfer, SP6T 30VDC 100mA (indicator) 6 to 26.5GHz 120W @ 3GHz Single side stable 840mW (SPDT/SP6T, Fail-safe type, with indicator) Buy Now
1540mW (Transfer, Fail-safe type, with indicator)
ARV Series Compact size 15.9(L) x 15.9(W) x 11.2(H) mm. Excellent HF characteristics. 26.5, 18, and 8GHz versions. SPDT - 4 to 18GHz (PIN version) Max 50W @ 3GHz Single side stable 700mW Buy Now
8 to 26.5GHZ (SMA version)