Metalized Polypropylene DC Link Film Capacitors

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Panasonic introduces the NEW EZP-E Series Metalized Polypropylene DC Link Film Capacitors. Recommended for DC linkage applications within a wide array of industries, the NEW EZP-E Series offers both 800 and 1100 VDC options in small package sizes. Panasonic’s built-in fuse function, combined with the small case size of these film capacitors make them appropriate for any application requiring DC linkage. Built-in fuse functionality ensures that EZP-E Series parts open in the event of an unlikely failure, rather than creating a short circuit situation. 


  • Built-in fuse functionality (self-healing, self-protecting)
  • Long life, highly reliable
  • Low loss, low ESR
  • Flame retardant
  • Small case size handles large capacitance range
  • Fuse function creates an open circuit in the unlikely event of failure
  • Aluminum rather than aluminum zinc metallization - Does not overheat when stressed
  • Polypropylene dielectric capable of withstanding more stress than polyester


  • Automotive
  • Green Energy
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Railroad Locomotive