High Frequency Relays



Series & Datasheet Special Features Contact Arrangement Maximum Switching Capacity Frequency Range Contact Input Power Latching Type Nominal Operating Power Part Search
ARA Series Highest contact reliability. 10 million operations electrical life rating. 1GHZ characteristics. 2c 30VDC 1GHz 3W @ 1GHz Single side stable 140mW (1.5V to 12V), 200mW (24V), 300mW (48V) Buy Now
1 coil latching 70mW (1.5V to 12V), 100mW (24V)
2 coil latching 140mW (1.5V to 12V), 200mW (24V)
ARE Series 50Ω and 75Ω. 2.6GHz rating. PC board and SMD. 1c 30VDC 2.6GHz 10W @ 2.6GHz Single side stable 200mW Buy Now
ARJ Series Superior high frequency characteristics up to 8GHz. Compact size 14(L) x 9(W) x 8.2(H) mm. 2c 30VDC 8GHz 1W @ 5GHz Single Side Stable 200mW Buy Now
2 coil latching 150mW
ARS Series Widest variety of options in a 3GHz design. 50Ω and 75Ω. Standard and reversed contact arrangement. 1c 30VDC 3GHz 10W @ 3GHz Single side stable 200mW Buy Now
1 coil latching 200mW
2 coil latching 400mW
RN Series 150W carrying power at 2GHz. Compact size relative to power capability. 1c 80W 8Hz 150W @ 2GHz Single side stable 320mW Buy Now
2 coil latching 400mW