LED Lighting Connectors


The LED lighting connector has a low profile of 1.4mm height which does not obstruct LED light and a 2.4mm terminal pitch which offers space savings for LED manufacturers. Applications include: LED base lights, Straight LED tube lights.


Series Mated Height Number of Pins Terminal Pitch Durability Rated Current Floating Distance Buy Now View Datasheet
L1 Series 1.4mm 1 (receptacle)
2 (joy type)
2.4mm 3 times with a Jig 1.0A/contact X direction: ±0.3 mm
Y direction: ±0.5 mm
Z direction: ±0.3 mm
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  • Low profile design does not obstruct LED light angle
  • 1.4mm mated height and 4.4mm width
  • 1.6mm minimum insulation distance
  • Floating design accommodates circuit board thermal expansion
  • Tactile feedback when plug and receptacles are connected


  • LED Lighting