Bluetooth RF Module Experimenter Kit (PAN1026)

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The PAN1026 Experimenter Kit integrates a PAN1026 RF module, Toshiba’s TMPM369 ARM Cortex-M3 based MCU with 512KB flash memory and serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet interfaces on a single board to eliminate hardware prototyping in the project’s development stages. A J-Link JTAG debugger interface incorporated in the Experimenter kit board is compatible with commonly available third party toolchains such as those from Atollic, IAR and Keil. The embedded MCU also supports standard interfaces on the board for Ethernet, CAN, USB (host and device), serial and UART connection.

The embedded dual mode Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stacks and profiles may be accessed using two command sets. Toshiba’s TCU command set consisting of over 100 commands is extremely flexible, allowing full access to the PAN1026’s resources and I/O. A superset of the TCU commands, (TCU Superset – TCUS) where one command executes a routine of TCU commands to perform common BT functions, is available using an Abstract Application Programming Interface – A2PI. The A2PI resides and executes Experimenter Kit’s Cortex-M3 MPU.