PGS Graphite Sheets (EYG Series)

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“PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet)” is a thermal interface material which is very thin, synthetically made, has high thermal conductivity, and is made from a highly oriented graphite polymer film. It is ideal for providing thermal management/heat sinking in limited spaces or to provide supplemental heat-sinking in addition to conventional means. This material is flexible and can be cut into customizable shapes.
"SSM(Semi-Sealing Material)" is the product which is copounding PGS Graphite sheet and High thermal conductive Elastomer resin. It has a function to absorb heat by resin and release the heat by utilizing high thermal conductivity of PGS Graphite sheet. It also enables taking better attachment to the component which has different height on the electronic board, reducing stress to the electronic board.


  • Excellent thermal conductivity: 700 to 1950 W/(m·K) (2 to 5 times as high as copper, 3 to 8 times as high as aluminum)
  • Lightweight: Specific gravity: 0.85 to 2.13 g/cm3 (1/4 to 1/10 of copper, 1/1.3 to 1/3 of aluminum in density)
  • Flexible and easy to be cut or trimmed (withstands repeated bending)
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Low heat resistance with flexible Graphite sheet (SSM)
  • Low elasticity and easy to keep the product's shape after attaching (SSM)
  • Siloxane Free(SSM)
  • High dielectric voltage: 17 kVac/mm (SSM)
  • RoHS compliant


  • Smart phones, Mobile phones, DSC, DVC, Tablet PCs, PCs and peripherals, LED Devices
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (Sputtering, Dry etching, Steppers)
  • Optical communications equipment