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Series & Datasheet Special Features Contact Arrangement Nominal Switching Capacity Max. Switching Capacity Latching Type Nominal Operating Power Part Search
SFS Series Compact size and slim profile. 4-pole and 6-pole configurations. 8ms maximum response time to ensure circuit is quickly opened. 2a2b, 3a1b, 4a2b, 5a1b, 3a3b 6A 250VAC/125VDC 250VAC, 125VDC Single Side Stable 360mW (2a2b, 3a1b) Buy Now
500mW (4a2b, 5a1b, 3a3b)
SF-Y Series Forcibly guided contact structure Relay complies with EN 50205, Type A, Low profile: 14.5 mm .571 inch;4 pole and 6 pole contact configurations available, Insulation according to EN 60664-1. 2 Form A 2 Form B, 3 Form A 1 Form B, 4 Form A 2 Form B, 5 Form A 1 Form B 6A 250VAC, 6A 30VDC 250VAC, 30VDC Single Side Stable 670mW Buy Now