Snap Action Encoders



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AEQ aeq.jpg The AEQ series can switch low level loads remarkably efficiently: from 0.1mA/3VDC to 100mA/30VDC. Sliding contacts ensure bounceless operation free of hysteresis. Over travel of 2.2mm on the NO side and 2.5mm on the NC side makes the switch attractive for a wide variety of applications and allows for a high degree of tolerance during the design phase. Buy Now
AH1 ah1.jpg Ultra-miniature type available in over 100 variations whose integrally molded terminal block prevents soldering flux from entering the housing. Buy Now
AM1 am1.jpg The AM1 Series features a large variety of actuators, including several roller levers. Combined with an impressive contact rating of 15A/250V AC, AM1 switches can also be used as limit switches in many industrial applications. Buy Now
AV3/AVM3 av3-avm3.jpg These sub-miniature switches provide highly precise operation. In addition to a choice among several different actuators, spring forces and contact materials, there are also various terminals.


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AV4 av4.jpg One of the world's smallest snap action switches for switching loads of up to 500mA with superior reliability. Buy Now
AV6 av6.jpg The AV6 series are sub-miniature snap action switches with an integrated connector terminal for simple assembly in a wide range of applications. Buy Now
AVL3 The AVL3 is a Subminiature Switch with excellent operating position accuracy, with flux-resistant construction with integrally molded terminals. Buy Now