Pan-Lug™ Power and Grounding Connectors

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Panduit® Pan-Lug™ Compression Connectors provide permanent terminations for a variety of power and grounding applications, with innovation, highest reliability, and lowest installed cost. Panduit offers the first and only copper compression lugs and splices that meet Network Equiment-Building Systems (NEBS) Level 3 requirements as tested by Telcordia Technologies. NEBS Level 3 assures that product performance is suitable for equipment applications that demand minimal service interruptions over the life span of the equipment. 

Lugs come complete with all of the information needed to make a safe termination even if you loose the packaging and installation instructions.

All Lugs are marked with the following exclusive information:

Panduit is the first and only to meet NEBS Level 3, the most stringent test requirement in the industry.

Samples are available upon request; contact your local TTI sales representative or call 1-800-CALL-TTI.


  • Burndy die index number marked on barrel
  • Panduit die index number, same as T&B except for "P" prefix
  • UL & CSA Logos
  • Conductor Size


  • Oil and Gas
  • Solar Power
  • Construction
  • Industrial