PAN-TERM® Terminals

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Panduit’s loose piece PAN-TERM® is made of electrolytically refined copper to provide optimum combination of crimp forming properties and low resistance, high conductivity terminations. Available sizes from #26 AWG to #2 AWG and stud diameters from #2 to 1/2 inch. A wide assortment of manual, controlled cycle and pneumatic crimping tools which give you reliable connections at a lower installed cost.


  • Funnel entry available on vinyl and nylon insulated terminals and disconnects - speeds insertion and minimized turned back wire strands
  • Made of electrolytic copper to provide an optimum combination of crimp forming and high conductivity properties to provide optimum terminations
  • Offered in various types including rings, forks, flanged forks, locking forks, and short-locking forks
  • Available in sizes from #26 to #2 AWG and stud-hole diameters from #2 to 1/2"; Non-insulated tubular terminal sizes from #8 to 250 kcmil
  • Wide assortment of manual, controlled cycle, battery-operated hydraulic and pneumatic crimping tools for reliable connections at the lowest-installed cost


  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Electrical
  • OEM
  • MRO
  • Systems Integrations