Identification and Labeling

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Panduit® provides a full line of on demand printable labels designed to meet all of your identification needs.

Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printers are part of a complete system for identification, designed to efficiently support TIA-606-B standard labeling requirements.

Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers creates durable, crisp, clear legends and graphics that offer superior legibility.

CAD-Connect™ Labeling Software facilitates quick and easy organization of identifiers from AutoCAD* and Visio^ for printing within Easy-Mark™ Labeling Software.

Easy-Mark™ Labeling Software assists in creation of identification solutions for data centers, enterprise applications, panel shops, and construction and maintenance applications.



  • Thermal transfer labels supplied on rolls offer crisp, clear legends with superior legibility and can be printed on panduit thermal transfer destop printers or commercially available models
  • Laser/ink jet labels supplied on 8.50""x11.00"" sheets and can be printed in commercially available laser and ink jet printers not sold by Panduit