The Phoenix Contact PC 35 high-current terminal blocks are the most powerful field terminations connector in the world.

The PC35 features standard screw-connection technology and accepts wires up to 2 AWG. It is UL-rated for field wire termination, which is accomplished with a screwdriver. Through-panel mount capability increases design flexibility. The inverted IPC 35 plugs and headers provide a touch-proof PCB connection.

• Unlimited 600V UL Approval
• Maximum Contact Reliability
• Secure Connection even with High Levels of Vibration
• Convenient Device Connection

115 A plugged onto the PCB!

The unique PC 35 plug-in connector for cables of up to 2 AWG transmits currents of up to 115 A to the PCB. Thanks to the low conductor connection insertion and withdrawal forces, the device connection can also be implemented easily in the high-performance class.

In addition, thanks to the integrated double flange, the device can be securely fastened to the housing panel.

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