QUINT POWER – Precise Real-time Monitoring,
High-reliability, NFC Configurability from Phoenix Contact

What does your application call for?  With QUINT POWER you can do it all — and more:

•  Temperature alarm setting lets you know when the power supply begins to de-rate
•  Coordinated surge protection with MOV and Gas Discharge Tube
•  An analog out actually sends current being drawn back to your PLC, HMI, or smart device
•  Configure power supply settings through NFC via Android device or PC software
•  Adjust power supply voltage using up/down buttons and lock it in with password protection
•  Run-time clock – keep track of hours of operation and expected life... predictive maintentance



The world’s best power supply just got better.

With NFC, the QUINT POWER can be configured without being powered on. It also monitors real-time current, power, and voltage using an analog output, and can
easily be wired to your PLC or smart device.

The new technology in our QUINT POWER power supply delivers precise, real-time monitoring, application specific configurability, and a long list of application-worthy benefits.

Current QUINT customers have already come to rely on its ultra-high reliability — it’s an industry standard. But, Phoenix Contact designers have added even more to this
unmatched application-specific configurability.