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The new SDC 2.5 connector system with SKEDD plug-in technology is the latest innovation from Phoenix Contact. This new product will set a new standard for PCB connection technology as it assures direct contact between the connector and the PCB and eliminates the need for a plug-and-header combination. These new connectors combine three characteristics in one product:

• Direct plug-in technology to the PCB
• Wire connections with push-in spring termination
• Tool-free installation

SKEDD – Direct Plug-in Technology

The connectors are easily mounted on the PCB without tools and locked with the integrated body-bound rivets to form a vibration-resistant connection. The SDC 2.5 series is suitable for conductor cross sections from 24 AWG to 12 AWG. It is designed for currents up to 12 A and voltages up to 300 V (UL). The connectors, with a pitch of 5.0 mm, are available in versions with up to 16 positions. Thanks to the Push-in connection, they offer an unprecedented level of convenience when it comes to device connection.