INTERFACE- Gen 2 STEP Power Supply

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Phoenix Contact's second generation of STEP power supplies creates additional mounting options for a broader range of industries. The new housing package mounts on the DIN rail or can be panel mounted through the housing’s unique DIN rail clips. These new STEP power supplies’ robust voltage versus current output characteristic allows the power supply to start up heavier capacitive loads without losing output capacity. With this new feature, the power supply better handles short circuit faults by protecting the output instead of turning off. These features along with adjustable output voltage, LED indications and wide operating temperatures, make the STEP power supply suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring a small, compact power supply with a reliable output.


  • Voltage versus current (U/I) output characteristic for capacitive load startup
  • Innovative housing design suitable for both DIN rail and panel mounting
  • Longer lead lengths are possible with adjustable output voltages from 22.9-29.5VDC on 24VDC versions
  • Wide input voltage range of 85-264V AC and 95-250V DC with one part number
  • Wide operating temperature range of -25° C to 70° C with no de-rating under full output until 55° C
  • Over-voltage and under-voltage compensation increases system reliability
  • NEC Class 2 designs available to meet building automation requirements
  • Local DC OK indicator displays operational status of voltage output


  • Energy
  • HVAC
  • Machinery
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductor
  • Transportation
  • Building Control Systems
  • Conveying Systems
  • Industrial Controls
  • Panel Builder