CIOC Miniature Connectors

Phoenix Contact

The classic area of application for the new CIOC miniature connectors from Phoenix Contact is networking control systems with traditional sensor/actuator I/Os. The connectors enable quick and safe connection of sensors, switches and buttons using field distributors with the IP 20 degree of protection.
The 4-position connectors and base strips are designed with the 2mm miniature pitch. The time-saving displacement connection establishes a reliable connection between the conductor and the plug-in contact. The transparent, colored covers provide a good option for visual inspection which helps in problem-free conductor contacting. The connectors allow conductors of between 0.14 and 0.5mm in various selected cross section ranges to be connected.

In addition to the single-row 4-position base strip, a four-row design is also available for increasing the contact density. More versions for floating wiring and as panel feed-through are available.


  • Quick and safe connection of sensors, switches, and buttons
  • 4 positions with 2mm pitch
  • Transparent, colored covers for better visual inspection


  • Power
  • Motors