Compact Fixed and Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact

The new COMBICON compact series comprises solutions with spring-cage and screw connection systems for almost all types of applications in building automation and telecommunications. All the products in the COMBICON compact series are:

Practical - due to the generous clamping space
Space-saving - due to the compact outer dimensions
Versatile - Connection system
Functional - Design and material choice

Compact terminal blocks with screw connection

The terminal blocks of the new PT series have the proven screw connection and highly flexible conductor protection. Both the printed circuit terminal blocks and the plugs stand out due to their particularly practical and compact external dimensions and the generous clamping space. The codable plugs are available with a pitch of 3.5mm and 5.0mm and can be plugged onto the pin strips in two directions. This opens up very flexible and versatile fields of application.

New PCB terminal blocks for cross sections up to 4 mm²

The new family of PT 2,5 screw terminal blocks provides an addition to the COMBICON compact series with a particularly space-saving solution in a pitch of 5.0 mm. The PT 2,5 is available as both a horizontal and vertical solder-in version and is designed for conductor cross sections of up to 4 mm²/AWG 10 despite its compact outer dimensions. Thanks to the standard plus/minus screw and highly flexible conductor protection, it can be connected comfortably with almost any common screwdriver.

The PT-2,5 PCB terminal blocks are also available on request in a pitch of 7.5mm.

Angled spring-cage compact terminal blocks

The PTSA spring-cage PCB terminal blocks have an angled connection, making them particularly practical to use.
In addition to PTSA 1,5 for a pitch of 3.5mm, the particularly compact PTSA 0,5 in a space-saving pitch of 2.5mm is now also available. This compact family of terminal blocks is therefore ideally suited for applications in lighting engineering and telecommunications. Customized termination blocks in different colors and pitches and with individual marking can be produced on request.

Compact terminal blocks with spring-cage connection

An outstanding feature of the spring-cage terminal blocks from the COMBICON compact series is the ease of connection. In addition to a PC terminal block with an angled conductor connection, solder and plug-in solutions with the practical double connection in pitches of 3.5 mm and 5.0 mm are available. All the terminal blocks are exceptionally well-suited for building automation and telecommunications, as well as for lighting technology.

Headers for COMBICON compact

The PST series pin strips are the appropriate headers for the pluggable screw and spring-cage terminal blocks of the COMBICON compact series. They are compatible with conventional pin strips and are also particularly suited for the reflow solder process (THR) thanks to their high-temperature resistant materials. The COMBICON compact range of headers is supplemented by special headers that make the FK-MPT 0,5 PC terminal block pluggable - a noticeable aid during preassembly.

Fiber optic fast connection printed circuit terminal block

FOPT 2,2 from Phoenix Contact markedly simplifies the job of preassembling optic fibers. An optical transmit or receive diode is already integrated in the housing.

The FOPT 2,2 is ideally suited to quick and easy direct connection in the field - and no special tools are needed whatsoever. To preassemble, the polymer fiber simply has to be cut to the desired length with a fiber cutter. The optic fiber is then pushed into the aperture designed for this purpose - and that's it! The "optical contact" is now established.