PT, PH & PT CLIP Series Terminal Blocks

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The PT 1,5/…PH-5,0 and PT 1,5/…PH-5,0 CLIP connectors are designed for use in security and alarm devices, building automation and HVAC thermostats. Designed to terminate a range of wire sizes from 26 AWG to 12 AWG, they boast a design that is sturdy, durable and reliable. With rising-cage screw termination technology as well as a molded mono-block design, they offer greater structural support than products with dovetailed designs. These connectors are also equipped with features like keying options to ensure proper plugging location as well as a wide insertion funnel to assist in the connection of blocks when sight is limited (PT CLIP). The centerline of the block is 5.0 mm for the PT, PH and the PT CLIP options. They are rated for a current of 10A* and a Voltage of 250V*.


  • Plus/minus screw head allows flexibility in screwdriver choice
  • Mono-block design provides greater structural support compared with dovetail products
  • Keying options ensures proper plugging location
  • Industry standard footprint with reliable retention fingers (CLIP)
  • Wide pin-strip insertion funnel assists connection in blind mating


  • Semi-industrial applications
  • Security and alarm devices
  • Building automation systems
  • HVAC thermostats (CLIP)