M12 High Density Connectors

Phoenix Contact
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The high density M12 connectors from Phoenix Contact are available in 12 or 17 poles as plug and socket versions. The connector housing is zinc diecast and rugged to withstand industrial environments including water spray or temporary submersion. The Piercecon® connection method is named after the piercing contact in the termination chamber which forms a 360 degree connection to the copper stranded conductors. The Piercecon® connection is completed without soldering, crimping or any special tools and is especially designed for field installation. The appropriate wire range for the high density M12 connector is #28-26 awg and can be used for applications up to 30 volts and 1.5 amps


  • Simple termination
  • No loose pieces
  • No special tools
  • Color coded terminals
  • Water tight to IP 65/ 67


  • Image processing systems
  • Drives
  • Encoders
  • Pressure sensors
  • Measurement devices
  • Control cables for sensor boxes