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Push-In-Technology is the new modular terminal block generation in the CLIPLINE complete system. The push-in technology with up to 50% lower insertion forces provides user-friendly wiring with maximum contact quality never previously reached. Pullout forces are 5 times the IEC requirement, making it's retention greater than that of spring cage and Insulation Displacement connections. Direct push in of ferruled wire can be accomplished with the lower insertion force, and stripped, stranded wire is easily terminated using the orange indicator push button.

Modern installation concepts aim for economic efficiency and flexibility, unique terminal block wiring continues to offer development potential. With Push-In-Technology, Phoenix Contact introduces a new generation of terminal blocks with push-in connection technology. Spring connection systems are currently the trend; this technology has established itself in the market along with universal screw systems. But a spring is not always a spring. While the spring cage pulls the cable against the current bar, the compression spring leg presses the cable against the current-carrying component. At first glance, this doesn’t seem to be a serious difference – nevertheless, the compression spring leg offers major advantages in ease of use. The special spring contour of Phoenix Contact’s Push-In-Technology terminal blocks enables direct and tool-free wiring of rigid and flexible cables that are pre-assembled with ferrules and easy termination of stripped, stranded wire using the orange push button. Push-In-Technology terminal blocks are also based on the compression spring principle, but they set new standards for ease of use and ergonomics. Up to now, only rigid cables the size of the terminal’s nominal cross section had sufficient stiffness for tool-free and relatively practical wiring of comparable products. Push-In-Technology terminal blocks, however, work with plug-in forces reduced by approximately 50 percent. With the new terminal principle, flexible cables with ferrules starting at 22 AWG can be connected directly to the terminal point without tools. Push-In-Technology represents a true direct plug terminal, because for the first time ease of use is offered regardless of the cable type. The easy handling reduces wiring times and the ergonomic design prevents fatigue at work – two important factors in daily operations. The Push-In-Technology terminal block with stripped stranded wire also offers time savings (35%) over traditional spring cage, with ease of use and identification. A key feature is that the Push-In-Technology termination has 5 times the IEC requirement for pullout (retention) force.


  • Minimum insertion forces with high contact quality
  • Direct plugging of stranded conductors with ferrules from at least 0.5 mm²
  • Integrated button for opening the spring that can also be operated with a Philips screwdriver
  • As part of the CLIPLINE complete design, push-in technology makes use of the advantages of the system and guarantees worldwide successful marketing


  • Machine Building
  • Railroad Elevator
  • Switchgear Control
  • Cabinet Assembly