UT 6-TMC M Circuit Breakers

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UT 6-TMC M products are resettable thermal-magnetic circuit breakers designed in a small, 12.5 mm profile and trip-free mechanism in a single-pole configuration that integrates easily into the CLIPLINE Complete system. These thermal-magnetic circuit breakers combine the advantages of a thermal bimetal sensing device for over-current protection with the fast reaction of a magnetic coil for high-level short-circuit conditions.

This new series protects devices, such as sensors and actuators, using a resettable thermal circuit breaker with medium trip characteristics. It is available in eleven graded steps for nominal currents in the range from 0.5 to 16 A. UT 6-TMC products come equipped with reliable UT screw connection and are available in dual bridging options for power distribution.


  • Compatible with CLIPLINE Complete accessories and connection technologies
  • Leg spring for direct termination of solid conductors and conductors with ferrules from 22 AWG
  • Reduces insertion forces by 50 percent
  • Three standard marker grooves allow individual terminal point labeling with the one marking material
  • Front connection for space-saving convenient wiring Push-in technology makes wiring easy and reduces fatigue
  • Universal button for actuation is compatible with any type of tool, even pens
  • Orange plastic button located on the actuation shaft opens the spring to the maximum wiring space of 14 AWG resulting in fast, easy to access wiring and touch-proof safety


  • General mechanical and plant engineering
  • Automotive
  • Traffic engineering, rail vehicles
  • Shipbuilding
  • Control system design
  • Elevator engineering, escalators
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Telecommunications