M5-M12 Circular Connectors

Phoenix Contact

The PLUSCON circular M5-M12 product program from Phoenix Contact consists of standardized circular connectors that have been developed to the industry standard in industrial automation, from infrastructure and rail technology to outdoor applications.


varioport.jpg Tolerance-compensating M12 Screw Connection for SMD Contact Carriers
The new M12 VARIOPORT housing screw connection compensates for process-related production tolerances for two-piece device ports. Compensation is provided by means of a unique, floating snap-on mounting in the housing mechanics.
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M8.jpg M5 and M8 Circular Connector
This family of high density, circular connectors includes a wide variety of configurations that can provide high pin count, fast data transmission, and high power performance.
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M12-1.jpg M12 Circular Connector
The modular structure of these device connectors facilitates simple and cost-effective integration of various data, signal, and power supply pin assignments into a device.
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M12-mini.jpg M12 Mini-B USB
With IP67 protection, this connector is suitable for harsh industrial applications and meets USB 2.0 requirements with a transfer rate of 480 Mbit/s.
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